How I setup my lights – The controllers

In the last few weeks I’ve had a number of people asking about how the light show is done so I thought it might be nice to document how my lights are setup during the day using photos.

To see the display in action and to download all of the xLights sequences see the 2016 Debenham Lights post.

I’m going to write a series of posts showing how the controllers are setup, how the megatree is setup etc

Links to rest of series:

First up is how my controllers are installed

Everything is controlled by a copy of FPP running on a single RaspberryPi (original model). This sits in my home office and is connected to the FM transmitter via USB-Audio dongle. It is also connected to a network switch outside via a wired network cable
Outside there are two controllers in front of house
Then there is a controller fixed to the wall of the carport
The carport box contains a Sandevices e682 which runs all the 12V pixel strips (such as carport, roof, arches and small christmas trees). Power for this controller comes from a 12V power supply in a separate box on the ground.
In this box is a E682 controller, 5V power supply and network switch.
This controller looks after the pixels in the main part of the yard – such as the megatree, candy canes and window surrounds
This box contains my old Renard 64XC controller. This has been converted to work via DMX and controls the two AC devices in my display (the tune-to sign and the inflatable santa)
This box contains a Pixlite4 and 5V power supply. It is used to control the singing tree, pixel items on the roof and the spiral tree

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