Current Version: 0.14
Reqtool is a pure perl application that both handles email requests and provides a web interface to track, edit and resolve these email requests. It requires no external DB or additional apps other than a web server.

It includes a command line interface which processes incoming emails and a web front-end for dealing with the tickets.
New Feature! Now handles Japanese Characters (and maybe other character sets, but not tested. See image for example


  • Handles Japanese characters
  • Handles Authentication with LDAP or passwd file
  • Single instance for multiple queues
  • Takes in all common message types (mime, multipart etc)
  • Can send email attachments as well as read them
  • Can merge requests
  • Can drop requests that aren’t needed
  • Web interface to administer
  • Can generate statistics for arbitrary dates/periods
  • Multiple seperate queues from one instance


Click here to download version 0.14 of Reqtool


Documentation is available as html or PDF format for printing
The PDF file contains all the available documentation including installation, developer documentation and full documentation of every function, method and structure
The HTML version only contains a reference to the functions, methods and structures but is hyperlinked
Neither are included in the tar-ball so if you want them, download them from below
HTML Documentation
PDF Documentation

Reqtool was written by Chris Debenham (mail me) and was originally based on the great work by the authors of Reqng which was inturn based on req but contains no code from those original programs in the end.


Thanks go to Remy Evard and other members of the systems group at Northeastern University’s College of Computer Science ( for thier work on the original req.

Thanks also go to the authors of ReqNG ( and WWWREQ ( which the interface is based on.

Project details

If you wish to you can join the reqtool-devel mailing list (which is for developers) at reqtool-devel or the reqtool-users mailing list (which is for reqtool users ๐Ÿ™‚ at reqtool-users
To view the CVS go to

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