Seven Centuries of Debenhams

Back in 1957 Professor Frank Debenham wrote a book about the history of the Debenham Family.

Sadly it is out of print now and so can’t be found anymore.

Linked from this page are copies of this book for downloading and viewing wherever desired.

It is available in two formats.

The first is a directly scanned copy of the book in PDF format.  It is quite large (79MB) but is a direct copy of the original book.

Scanned copy of book (79MB pdf)

The book was then OCR’d (converted to text) and reformatted to be suitable for viewing on electronic devices (ereaders, phones, tablets etc).  This is much smaller (6.6MB) and has the advantage that you can search the contents directly.

Reformatted/created copy of book (6.6MB pdf)

Zoomable copy of the Debenham Family Tree
You need a browser with the HTML5 Canvas ability.