How I setup my lights – Windows, Singing Tree and tune-to sign

This is the fifth post in my series on how I setup my christmas lights

Links to rest of series:

This post focuses on the windows, the singing tree and my tune-to sign

The windows each have a string of 50 pixels hanging up around them. They are connected to the window frame via cable ties to staples. The staples stay in all year so put up/take down just requires adding/removing the cable ties
The singing tree is made from 233 pixels pushed through a sheet of corrugated plastic bought from Bunnings. I drew out the shape of the tree then used a 12mm hole-punch to make suitable holes for the pixels to fit in. I built a small frame around the sheet so I could space it out from the wall. The frame hangs on the wall using two eyelets to some hooks drilled into the brick itself.
The tune-to sign is made from three Freetronics DMD displays (32×16 red leds each).
Controlling the tune-to sign is an old arduino strapped to the back of the beam.

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