MTPFS 1.1 – Now supporting multiple storage areas

I am now the proud owner of an Asus Transformer tablet (not the prime) and so wanted to update mtpfs to work better with it.

The biggest change was to add support for multiple storage areas.  Now when you mount a MTP device which has internal storage and a MicroSD card (or similar) it shows up as two separate directories which you can access.

The download is available from mtpfs page

Freetronics DMD – Games

I had a little while free and so ported a bunch of games I wrote for the Peggy2 to work with a pair of DMD’s
In doing so the games now run at 32×32 and are controlled by a Wii nunchuck.
The games are snake, pong, breakout and race.
The Arduino code is available at
The two screens are daisy-chained but as the cable connecting them is quite short the top one is upside-down.
To get this working the modified DMD library is setup to handle rows of displays where odd-numbered rows are upside down.
See this diagram for how it is laid out (for 2×2 case)

Playing is fairly straight-forward.  Only thing to remember is that the ‘z-button’ on the nunchuck is used to select and the ‘c-button’ is used to exit back to the menu

Have a look at the video below to see them in action.
[youtube_sc url=”5WW9ZmvjSA4″]

Freetronics DMD – updated library

I recently got two Dot Matrix Displays from Freetronics –
They are 32×16 LED panels that can be daisychained via SPI.
It came with a quick library which worked okay but could do with a few enhancements 😉
My modified library supports multiple displays (tested with 2×1 and 1×2 layout – but should work with other layouts)
It also supports multiple fonts, marquee text, scrolling the display around and grayscale (grayscale sort of works – but not well 🙁 )
I have updated the examples included in the original library to use these new functions.

The library can be downloaded from
See freetronics forum for my DMD library
[youtube_sc url=”5DLmWrpV-3M”]