Reqtool – installation

For installation of Reqtool follow these 7 easy steps.

1. Make sure you have a web server and perl installed
Reqtool is written in perl and is accessed via a web server so you will require perl/apache (or similar) to be installed.
To download these go to and or just install them from your distributions install disks.
LDS also requires a few perl modules such as CGI and MIME-tools. These may already be installed or you can install them from CPAN or your install disks.

2. Download the main Reqtool program
LDS is available at

3. Extract the files
To untar the main program run tar xvfz reqtool-0.14.tar.gz

4. Run the install script
The install script checks for the existance of certain perl modules, asks a few questions then installs the app

5. Edit reqtool for your site
Open up default/config in the editor of your choice
Edit this section as required

6. Setup email parsing
Next you need all mail going to the mailing-list to pass through reqtool
A good way of doing this is to add a line to your /etc/mail/aliases (or similar) that looks like the following line (changing paths/addresses as needed)
reqtool-test: |”/usr/local/reqtool/reqtool default -“
But to do this your webserver needs to be running as the same user as sendmail
If you don’t wish to do it this way, just add a user to your machine, subscribe it to the list etc and add a .forward file for that user which pipes the mail through /usr/local/reqtool/reqtool default –

7. Done
If all has gone well you should be able to send email to the mailing-list/email address and it will come up in the web interface which can be accessed as http://<hostname>/cgi-bin/reqtool

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