How I setup my lights – LED Shirt

This is the seventh post in my series on how I setup my christmas lights

Links to rest of series:

This post focuses on my LED shirt.
To see it in action check it out on youtube

My LED shirt is actually an apron I wear under a plain t-shirt (so the shirt can still be washed ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) It is made from a 5m led strip running on 5V The strip is 150 individual WS2811 pixels split into 15 sections of 10 pixels. The entire strip is connected to a Pixel-Wifi (ESPPixelstick clone) powered by a small USB battery. The Pixel-Wifi support E1.31 so the shirt is treated as a small matrix in my display. I made the apron from some fabric scraps my wife had – the strips are then sewn onto the apron with some electrical tape keeping them in spot.


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