How I setup my lights – Arches, candy canes, small spiral trees and large spiral tree

This is the third post in my series on how I setup my christmas lights

Links to rest of series:

This post focuses on the arches along the front, the five candy canes and the small spiral trees

First up at the spiral trees. I have four of these and they were made simply by wrapping a 5m strip around a tomato planet frame I bought from Bunnings. Quick to make and look quite nice when lit up.
Next up are the candy canes. These were originally cheap solar candy canes that I ripped out the lights from and threaded in ten pixels each. They all daisy chain together as if it was a single 50 pixel string.
Behind them you can see the arches along the front of our yard
The arches are made from 1m lengths of pixel strip which are cable tied to the arches. The arches themselves are made from either gas-pex pipe or hula hoops cut in half.
To anchor the arches down I have a small block of wood with two bolts poking up through it. The hula-hoop/gas pipe fits over the threaded part of the bolt. Then the block is pegged into the ground to keep it in place
This is my large spiral tree. It was originally a rope-light spiral but I pulled off the rope light and replaced it with 153 pixels individually cable tied to the spiral. Next to that is an inflatable Santa driving a ute.

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  1. Out of curiosity, what guage 3 wire are you using to each prop? Did you just get a large role of the standard 22awg? No voltage drop with the 5V? I also see you used the standard JST plugs for the most part. No issues with water intrusion or shorting? I’m looking to do the same but was going to run power injection to 5V via 16awg 2 wire landscape lighting conductor because it’s cheap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks.


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