Arduino controlled lights – The Box

The aim was to start with 10 outlets and build out from there.

To make things easier I decided to make a box with room for 10 standard 240V wall powerpoints.

Each powerpoint is 117x70mm so allowing for two columns of five points (with space between each to allow for plugpacks)I ended up with a base of 250x460mm.  I ended up making the box 220mm deep so that it wouldn’t fall over (the exact dimension was mostly determined by the size of the piece of wood I had)

In the end I needed the following cuts:

  • 2 * 250×460 for front/back
  • 2 * 220×460 for sides
  • 2 * 250×210 for top/bottom

I cut the sides out of a sheet of melamine MDF and assembled by connecting with small right-angle brackets.  I then finished it up by applying some melamine lining to the exposed wood for aestetics.  The back panel was attached by a large hinge and a small handle was added.

Here is the final result: