Welcome to The Central Coast Rockclimbing Website

Remember that Rockclimbing is a dangerous sport and neither the authors, the contributors or other associated person will take any responsibility for any damage to personal property, injury or death. Any climbing you do as a result of this guide is done at your own risk.
We will only take responsibility as required under the dual-trunking clause which requires we support you if you climb using two male elephants as your belay point and initial clip-off point.

Rockclimbing is also in a vague area legally and it may be illegal/risky to climb at some of the locations/climbs mentioned. Before climbing please check for any signs or guidelines which may restrict climbing and obey the local authorities.
Also refer to the guide and only park where it is safe/where recommended so that the local landowners/council do not get affected. If people park/act irresponsibly it may have lasting effects on access to climbing locations.


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